Operations Manager at PSTC

Stan Worthington

Stan is a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret). As a member of 7th Group (ABN) he was trained and qualified as a Combat Diver, Demolitions, Survival, Urban Guerrilla Warfare (UGW)/Counter Terrorism.
After Special Forces, Stan was a state Trooper with the Indianan State Police. He was a member of the State Police Area 5 SWAT and EOD units. In 1981 Stan was selected as the Law Enforcement officer of the Year for the state of Indiana.

Prior to joining the team at Premier Shooting and Training Center, he was a college professor and Dean of Criminal Justice.

Currently, Stan is the Operations Manager for Premier Shooting and Training Center of West Chester Ohio. In addition to those duties he teaches classes in survival and disaster preparedness.