Self DefenseTraining


Women’s Self Defense Class
The purpose of women’s self defense class is to instill confidence and eliminate fear for personal and family’s safety in public, work and private environments. You’ll be taught in a non-competitive environment with a training partner of your choice. In our self defense classes you’ll improve your physical fitness, mental alertness and acquire a new set of skills by learning

  • How to control distance with another person
  • How to use your voice to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation
  • How to avoid pick pockets, purse snatchers, muggers and a carjacking
  • What techniques to use to avoid a confrontation like a date rape
  • How to defend, attack and escape an attacker
  • How to verify the credentials of law enforcement personnel


Premier Shooting and Training will soon be offering online class signup and payment. You can also contact us for any questions.

Self Defense Class- PSTC