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JKDU/MMA For The Street

The primary purpose of this class is to provide the highest quality of functional self-defense. This class include stand up, clinch, ground, and weaponry. Train for self-defense the same way combat athletes train for their sport.

Battlefield Kali

This class includes tactics and training methods that make weaponry techniques work in real world applications.

BJJ For The Street

This class offers top level BJJ training both with and without the gi, but also adds strikes to all targets and adds tactics for no rules street self-defense.

JKDU Kids Class

Based on our MMA FTS and BJJ FTS programs, our kids class provides a friendly, safe atmosphere to learn practical self-defense.  Your kids will learn to set goals, be self-disciplined, and to develop healthy habits and have fun doing it!

Muay Thai Conditioning

Looking to get in shape?  Based on the training methods and techniques of Muay Thai, our conditioning classes will bring you cardiovascular endurance, power, and accuracy through sustained kickboxing combinations and exercises.

Kenpo Karate

Kenpo is a Japanese unarmed fighting art created more than 700 years ago from techniques originated in China. The word Kenpo means literally, “Fist Law,” and also refers to its Chinese origin. The essence of Kenpo Karate is technique training. There are more than 600 self defense techniques in Kenpo. Recognition of your skill is shown by how many techniques you can master.

Kids Self Defense Class

In our kids karate classes, students are introduced to a mixture of self-defense techniques and physical fitness activities.


The Art of Shooting, an integrated fighting system that blends the use of firearms with martial arts.

Check out this excellent video of our training in action !


Premier Shooting and Training will soon be offering martial arts online class signup and payment. Check back soon!

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