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Premier Shooting and Training Center is the Cincinnati region's destination Shooting Range and Training Center. With a robust retail store and a unique "Try Before You Buy" policy, Premier Shooting and Training Center is the most comprehensive facility of its kind in Southwest Ohio. Whether you're looking for a quality gun range, informative CCW or Concealed Carry class or Martial Arts Training, Premier has something for you!

Owners of Premier Shooting & Training Center Ohio Owners Tommie and Myron Rowland welcome you to Premier!


At Premier Shooting and Training, we strive to provide our clients, members and visitors with a truly unique experience. We host events, have specials like Ladies Night Out, and stay up to date on the latest information in the world of shooting and training. Check out some of our latest events and news below!


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Leave Us A Google Review

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Situational Awareness Training Armed Citizens

Situational Awareness: Life Skills for Everyone

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Martial Arts Helps With Bullying

Martial Arts Helps With Bullying

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Memorial Day – A Day of Honor

Memorial Day – A Day of Honor

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Did You Know PSTC Building - Armed Training Center

Did You Know

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Critical Casualty Care Training

Critical Casualty Care Training

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Senior Special

Adults aged 55 and over are invited to come out on Mondays between 11:  Read more »

Tactical Tuesdays

Join us every Tuesday evening from 7:00-8:30 PM to improve your Marksm  Read more »

Power Lunch

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Ladies Night

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Date Night

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Premier Shooting Events


Looking for the perfect venue to host your next birthday party, corporate retreat, or bachelor/bachelorette party in Cincinnati? Let Premier Shooting and Training put together something special for your group! Our team will consult with you to ensure that every aspect of your event is thought through!

Premier is perfect for any event, including:
• Private Rooms
• Group Events
• Corporate Events
• Team Building Experiences
• Group Self Defense
• Birthday Party
• Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Interested in having an event at Premier? Call us today at 513-342-5840!


At Premier Shooting and Training, we understand that one of the most important parts of our members and clients experiences is their interactions and partnerships with our team members. We know that we’ve put together a team, from the top down, which is best suited to meet our clients’ needs. Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable and ready to assist anyone who walks through our doors. Our instructors are highly trained in their fields and are among the best in their industry. Get to know our staff-we think you’ll be impressed!

General Manager James Lentz at PSTC

James Lentz (Jim), General Manager

Jim has over 20 years of experience in martial arts, self-defense and personal training in addition to private investigative and security fields. Jim is a certified NRA Instructor. Jim has attended and is certified in numerous specialty schools, only a few listed below: NRA Certified Firearms Instructor – CCW (Conceal Carry Weapons) Instructor Kenpo Jiu Jitsu Instructor 2nd Degree Black Belt (Nidan) Shootfighting Instructor (Kiha-Go) Hojutsu 1st degree Black Belt (Shodan) Lecturer for Women’s Self Defense Programs Extensive Wrestling and Military Combatives Knowledge Jim served 6 years in the U.S Marine Corps Reserve as a Military Policeman. He attended the University of Cincinnati majoring in criminal justice.


With a location in the heart of West Chester’s growing recreational area,
Premier Shooting & Training Center offers the area’s finest gun range, combined
with unsurpassed classes in Martial Arts, Concealed Carry / CCW Classes and armed protection.

No other facility in the Cincinnati area brings this winning combination under one roof.

fishing lake PSTC

Our fishing lake is one of our great member benefits!
Valuable Partnership 88 Tactical is our training partner.


We are proud to partner with some of the leading industry experts. We value our partners and work hard to maintain relationships with them. Check them out below!

Gun Range - PSTC


Best Gun Store in Ohio

Premiers shooting training center

Premier Shooting and Training Center houses a sophisticated shooting range that is unlike any in the Cincinnati area, creating a go-to shooting destination for both new and experienced shooting enthusiasts alike. Premier is uniquely designed and we’re sure once you check out our shooting range features below, you’ll be blown away!

Range Features:

Impressive 20 bay range

Range Safety Officers always on duty

State of the art ventilation system that continually purifies the air in the range, ensuring lowest possible lead contamination

Combat walls in our tactical bay, giving our shooters the ability to shoot 180 degrees.

Low light training in our tactical bay

Best lit range in the Cincinnati area

Sound proof walls

User-friendly target retrieval system

Safe shooting environment

Large selection of guns for rental

Gun Range Rates - PSTC


  • $12Half hour Range Time
  • $20Full hour Range Time
  • $5Second Shooter
  • $3Liability Waiver (Renew 365 days)
  • $10Handgun Rentals
  • $15Long Gun Rentals
  • $3Ear Protection Rental
  • $0.50Ear Plugs
  • $2.50Eye Protection to Keep
Firearms & Guns for Shooting


We have an extensive list of guns that can be rented for shooting. We also offer a “Try Before You Buy” program on many of our retail firearms. Please find a partial list of our gun rentals below:

Hand Gun Rentals: $10

  • Beretta .22LR Mod. U22 Neos
  • Beretta Pico .380
  • S & W Victory .22
  • Ruger LCP .380
  • S&W Bodyguard Crimson Trace 380
  • S & W Bodyguard 380 Auto
  • Beretta Nano 9mm
  • Glock 43 9mm
  • Sig Sauer p938
  • S&W M&P 9 Shield 9mm
  • HK P30SK 9mm
  • S&W M&P 9c 9mm
  • Springfield Compact 9mm
  • Glock 19 9mm
  • Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm
  • HK USP 9mm
  • Springfield XD Tactical 9mm
  • Beretta 92 FS 9mm
  • HK P30L 9mm
  • Beretta 92A1 9mm
  • S&W SD9VE 9mm
  • Beretta 92 FS 9mm
  • S&W M&P Pro Core 9mm
  • S&W M&P 9mm
  • Kahr MK40 40 cal
  • S&W Shield 40 cal
  • FNH FNX-40 40 cal
  • Beretta 96A1 40 cal
  • Kahr P45 45 Auto
  • FNH FNX-45 45 Auto
  • HK USP Tactical 45 Auto
  • Heizer Parl .45 colt single shot
  • Ruger SP101 .357
  • Heizer Parl .223 single shot

Long Gun Rentals: $15

  • Faxon ARAK21
  • Springfield M1A 308 Win
  • Beretta ARX100 5.56
  • Ruger 10/22 .22LR Semi Auto
  • Hi Point Model 995 9mm
  • Hi Point Model 4095 40 SW Scope (Red Dot)
  • Savage 22LR Bolt Action
  • FNH FN-15 5.56


Punch Card for Shooting

Range Rules

– ALWAYS keep your finger out of the trigger guard and off the trigger until ready to fire

– Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while on the range

– All range commands must be followed immediately. When hearing the command “cease fire” immediately stop shooting, place the firearm on the bench pointed down range and step back away from the firing line.

– If you experience a stoppage or malfunction, keep the muzzle pointed downrange before seeking assistance. Do not remove the firearm from the shooting stall until range staff has cleared the weapon

– There will be no loaded firearms behind the firing line

– Children (under 18) must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Children must be tall enough to safely shoot over the bench in the shooting stall.

-Must be 21 or older to rent or purchase a firearm.

– Firing at anything other than your own target is prohibited. Firing a shot that results in damage to the range may result in a repair fee and/or dismissal from the range

– Do not shoot the floor, ceiling, or walls of the range

– Firearms approved for range usage are handguns up to .50 caliber, rifles up to 7.62/308 and shotguns with 00 Buck or single projectiles (slugs), NO pistol grip only shotguns or firing from the hip is permitted

– Tracer, armor piercing, and steel core ammunition are not allowed on the range. Range staff has the right to inspect and prohibit any ammunition they deem as inappropriate for the range

– There will be no more than two shooters per shooting stall unless authorized by a Range Safety Officer

– No food or drink is permitted on the range


Firearmed Store at Ohio

Gun Store & Shooting Center Cincinnati

No Regrets Policy!

Our “No Regrets” policy is unlike any in the area. We’re proud of our products and want to ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase at Premier. Come by today and find out more about this policy!

Premier Shooting and Training Center’s retail floor is designed with our customer in mind. We are here to provide our customers with both quality products and educated solutions, tailored to their unique set of needs. We understand that our customers require more than a “one size fits all” mentality when shopping for the products we offer. We proudly take the time necessary to find the right items for each person who comes to Premier’s retail store.

Retail Features:

  • Holsters
  • Custom fittings
  • Practical self defense options
  • TRY BEFORE YOU BUY PROGRAM! We offer a large selection of firearms that qualify for our Try Before You Buy Program. We let you try your gun before your buy it, ensuring you’re purchasing the best weapon for you and your needs!
Accessories - Shooting Training Center


Our retail store is designed to meet any firearm, ammo or accessory need of our clients. Our expansive store has firearms, knives, holsters, ammunition, clothing and more. Our sales team is knowledgeable and ready to assist our clients with fittings, weapon suggestions and any questions and concerns that our clients may have. We stock hard to find items and have a unique “Try Before You Buy” policy. Come see what we offer today!

Try Before you Buy!

We offer a unique “Try Before You Buy” policy! Stop by the retail store today to get more information on this program!

Armorer services - PSTC


Basic Cleaning:

  • Handgun $20*
  • Rifle $25*
*Includes barrel, chamber, breech/bolt, firing pin, and extractor

Detailed Cleaning and Technical Inspection:

  • Handgun- $30* (Some models may vary)
  • Rifle (bolt action &semi-auto)- $35*
*Includes basic cleaning plus inspecting firing mechanism and springs for any worn or broken parts.

Parts Replacement: Current parts cost + Labor

Rifle Scope Mounting: $30*

*Includes level and boresighting
**Does not include rings, mounts, or shims. (All makes & models may not apply)


Women Carry Bag - Accessories


We have a very special  Product Spotlight that we are proud to offer…..Our First Responders Membership! This membership offers no range fees, priority lane assignments by reservation, 1/2 off select training classes, free firearm rental and more!


Premier Shooting and Training Center is proud to offer a full spectrum of classes and lessons,both
armed and unarmed, for clients of all experience levels. We are a unique facility, combining martial
arts training and classes with armed offerings, including Firearms I and II and more. No facility in
the Cincinnati area offers the variety of training classes that we do. Explore our classes and sign
up today!

Armed Training Courses

Armed Training Courses - PSTC

Armed Training Courses

Armed Training Courses

Armed Training Courses

Armed Training Courses

Armed Training Courses


At Premier Shooting and Training Center, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best armed training courses in the area. To ensure we are delivering on this mission, we have teamed with the renowned tactical trainers at 88 Tactical, who teach many of our armed training courses.

88 Tactical-Southwest Ohio is comprised of truly the best and the brightest in tactical training. 88 Tactical-Southwest Ohio is lead by Phil Chaney. Phil is a retired Marine Chief Warrant Officer 3 and decorated combat veteran with over 25 years of specialized training and instruction. He brings a unique blend of both combat experience and formal special skills instructor qualifications.

Check out some of the courses offered at Premier Shooting and Training Center!

Conceal and Carry Class $125
Our conceal carry classes meet Ohio state law requirements. You Receive:

    • 6 Hours of classroom instruction and an exam covering the following:
      • The rules for safe handling of a handgun
      • Proper storage practices for handguns and ammunition
      • How to Handle ammunition in a safe manner
      • Knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to shoot a handgun in a safe manner
      • Gun-handling
    • 2 Hours of handgun training including live fire on the range
    • A test of physical competency demonstrating safe gun handling and gun storage
    • An appraisal of your attitude toward shooting a gun in a safe manner
    • An Ohio Concealed Carry Permit Book
    • Instructions for filing an application
    • Lunch provided
    • Range time provided
    • Certification of course completion

Handgun Foundations $99
Handgun foundations introduces “new shooters” to safe use, storage and operation of a handgun. The class consists of lecture, demonstration, dry fire practice consisting of loading and unloading, trigger manipulation and sight alignment. This course will include a familiarization fire consisting of ten rounds under direction of the instructor with a rental firearm.

Handgun I $120
Handgun I covers Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Mindset and establishes a solid foundation to build upon for future self-defense training. This course also serves as a great refresher for the more experienced shooter to get back to “brilliance in the basics”! Class limit of 10.

Handgun II $120

Handgun II  picks up where Handgun I left off in problem solving malfunctions with a Handgun, Tactical and Speed  Reloading , safely maneuvering  around others and several carry positions with the firearm. Class Limit of 8.

Holster Certification $120
This course enables patrons to draw from their approved holster so as to conduct live fire training in their shooting lanes. This course is designed to enhance the overall safety of all guests while aiding in the training experience of the shooter. This is a one on one course with private instruction.

Carbine I $120
Carbine I covers fundamentals of Marksmanship, Mindset, carries and safe weapons handling. This course establishes a solid foundation to build upon for future self-defense training. This course also serves as a great refresher for the more experienced shooter to get back to “brilliance in the basics”! Class limit of 10

AR-15 Foundations $99
AR Foundations introduces new shooters to safe use, storage, and operation of their AR-15 platform. This class consists of lecture, demonstration and a brief live fire familiarization session on the range. Students shoot the AR-15 rifle, including their own if desired, then will review disassembly and maintenance of their specific AR-15 or a similar weapon.

Introduction to Critical Casualty Care $50

This is an introductory class focused on basic emergency medical skills. Training includes an overview of basic First Aid, Combat Mindset, airway management, and bleeding control with an emphasis on tourniquet use. This course exposes students to visually traumatic images and requires them to operate under duress. There are aspects of the training that some participants may find both physically demanding and emotionally challenging. We always train to proficiency, not to time.

Civilian Response To An Active Threat $120

As a responsible armed citizen, you must have the additional ability to counter an active threat in a real world application. 88 Tactical of Ohio will provide each student with the tools to evade, interdict and if possible neutralize the Active Threat, whether in a workplace, school or commercial location.
This will be a physically demanding course, the student will be moving in and around common objects inside of rooms and a live fire range with training weapons as well as live weapons
Course requirements:
Pistol with two to three magazines
120 rounds of ammunition
Holster and magazine carrier (if available)
Ear and eye protection
Comfortable clothes

CCW training classes Ohio martial arts training | Martial Arts Helps With Bullying

Self Defense Protection

Kids Self Defense Class Ohio


JKDU/MMA For The Street
The primary purpose of this class is to provide the highest quality of functional self-defense. This class include stand up, clinch, ground, and weaponry. Train for self-defense the same way combat athletes train for their sport.
Battlefield Kali
This class includes tactics and training methods that make weaponry techniques work in real world applications.
BJJ For The Street
This class offers top level BJJ training both with and without the gi, but also adds strikes to all targets and adds tactics for no rules street self-defense.
JKDU Kids Class
Based on our MMA FTS and BJJ FTS programs, our kids class provides a friendly, safe atmosphere to learn practical self-defense.  Your kids will learn to set goals, be self-disciplined, and to develop healthy habits and have fun doing it!
Muay Thai Conditioning
Looking to get in shape?  Based on the training methods and techniques of Muay Thai, our conditioning classes will bring you cardiovascular endurance, power, and accuracy through sustained kickboxing combinations and exercises.
Kenpo Karate
Kenpo is a Japanese unarmed fighting art created more than 700 years ago from techniques originated in China. The word Kenpo means literally, “Fist Law,” and also refers to its Chinese origin. The essence of Kenpo Karate is technique training. There are more than 600 self defense techniques in Kenpo. Recognition of your skill is determined by how many techniques you can master.
Kids Self Defense Class
In our kids karate classes, students are introduced to a mixture of self-defense techniques and physical fitness activities.
The Art of Shooting, an integrated fighting system that blends the use of firearms with martial arts.


Check out this excellent video of our training in action !

Self Defense - PSTC


Women’s Self Defense Class
The purpose of women’s self-defense classes is to instill confidence and eliminate fear for personal and family’s safety in public, work and private environments


You’ll be taught in a non-competitive environment with a training partner of your choice. In our self-defense classes you’ll improve your physical fitness, mental alertness and acquire a new set of skills.



  • How to control distance with another person
  • How to use your voice to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation
  • How to avoid pick pockets, purse snatchers, muggers and a carjacking
  • What techniques to use to avoid a confrontation like a date rape
  • How to defend, attack and escape an attacker
  • How to verify the credentials of law enforcement personnel


Premier Shooting and Training will soon be offering online class signup and payment. Check back soon!



The First Responder Membership is one of our ways for showing our appreciation for our Military, EMT, Firefighters & Police Officers. Single Membership

  • $205 per year
  • $24.99 per month
Family Membership
  • $265 per year
  • $29.99 per month
Amenities Include
  • No Range Fees
  • Priority Lane Assignment by Reservation
  • 1/2 Off Kenpo Group Class and MMA Youth Program
  • 1 Free Introductory Private Kenpo Lesson
  • Free Gun Rental
  • Free Second Shooter
Extended to Active and Retired Military, Active and Retired Police, EMTs, and Firefighters. Must posses an up-to-date professional ID and valid driver's license.

Legacy Membership - PSTC

Club Room at PSTC


Our Legacy Membership brings the country club setting to our shooting range. Enjoy our gorgeous Club Room, VIP access, priority shooting and more with this package. Ideal for the sport shooter who is looking for a comfortable place to relax in their down-time!

  • Distinguished by a platinum key card
  • Single membership $5,000 one-time fee, $500 annual dues
  • Family membership $7,500 one-time fee, $750 annual dues*
Amenities include:
  • No range fees
  • Priority lane assignment by reservations
  • Next available lane assignments
  • VIP lounge access
  • Private locker with name plate
  • Free Kenpo/Shootfighting group classes
  • Discounts on martial arts group classes
  • Free gun vault storage (limit two firearms)
  • No FFL transfer fees (excludes class 3)
  • Retail discounts up to 20% depending on items (excludes new firearms)
  • Private training discounts, including armed and un-armed self-defense and firearms
  • Preferred seating and discounts on all training classes including CCW and seminars
  • Discount rates on rental areas, including VIP Lounge, classrooms, and range with advanced notice based on availability
  • Legacy only training classes and competitions
  • Legacy only private shopping event
  • Annual Legacy Function
  • Work out area access
  • Complimentary eye and ear protection
  • 12 Complimentary guest passes per year (no hold overs)
  • Free embroidered polo shirt and hat(one per single membership, two per family membership)
  • Free Fishing
*Family membership is defined as two adult co-habitants in the same household, and their dependent children under the age of 18. ONLY TWO PERSONS PER LANE, ONE MUST BE AN ADULT.

Guardian Membership - PSTC

luxury Armed training Center


Our Guardian Membership is designed with our ultimate training member in mind. Guardian members truly experience the best the Premier Shooting and Training Center has to offer. This package is ideal for the single or family that is looking to experience both Martial Arts and Armed training in a luxury setting!

  • Single Membership $1,650 annual or $150 per month
  • Family Membership* $2,200 annual or $200 per month
  • Distinguished by a Black Key Card
Amenities include:
  • No range fees
  • Priority lane assignment by reservation
  • VIP lounge access
  • Free gun vault storage (some limitations may apply)
  • Free locker use
  • Four half hour private Kenpo lessons per month
  • Free Kenpo/Shootfighting group class
  • Workout area access
  • Retail discounts of up to 20% depending on item (excludes new firearm sales)
  • Discount rates on FFL transfer fees (exclude class 3)
  • Complimentary eyes and ear protection
  • Personal training discounts, including armed and un-armed self-defense, and firearms
  • Preferred seating and discounts on all training classes, including CCW and seminars
  • Eight guest passes per year (no holdover passes)
  • Free embroidered logo shirt (one per single, two per family membership)
*Family membership is defined as two adult co-habitants in the same household, and their dependent children under the age of 18. ONLY TWO PERSONS PER LANE, ONE MUST BE AN ADULT.

PSTC Corporate Membership


Premier's Corporate memberships are a great way to bring safety and training to your company. In addition to membership benefits for 4 specified company members, your corporate membership includes group training classes for your entire company, Corporate Appreciate Events and more!

  • Sold in blocks of four (4)
  • Distinguished by a gold key card
  • $3,500 Annual
  • Additional memberships $500 each
Amenities include:
  • No range fees
  • Priority lane assignments by reservations
  • VIP lounge access
  • Free locker use
  • Discounts on FFL transfer fees
  • Discounts on group classes in martial arts
  • Free Kenpo/Shootfighting group class
  • Discount rates for reserved areas, including member lounge, range and classrooms with advanced notice based on availability
  • Retail Discounts of up to 20% depending on item (excludes new firearm sales)
  • Annual presentation by a Premier Senior Staff member to all corporate employees on subjects including but not limited to; Women’s Self Defense, Workplace Safety, Home Security and Protection. Available at our site or at your facility.
  • Annual Corporate Member Appreciation Event for your team
  • Workout area access
  • 20 guest passes annually (no holdover passes)
  • Four embroidered polo shirts and four embroidered logo hats
  • Complimentary eye and ear protection

Family Memberships at PSTC


Our Single/Family Membership is our most affordable membership at Premier. It is designed for the shooting enthusiast who doesn't necessarily need more than range benefits on a regular basis. This plan is perfect for a family or single who makes the sport of shooting part of their lifestyle! Single Membership

  • $449.00 Annually
  • Distinguished by a blue key card
Family Memberships
  • $549.00
  • Distinguished by a blue/white key card
Amenities include:
  • No range fees
  • Priority lane assignments by reservations
  • Discounts on group classes in martial arts
  • Retail Discounts of up to15% depending on item (excludes new firearms sales)
  • Five guest passes per year (no holdover passes)
  • Free embroidered logo hat (Two per family membership)
*Family membership is defined as two adult co-habitants in the same household, and their dependent children under the age of 18. ONLY TWO PERSONS PER LANE, ONE MUST BE AN ADULT.

Monthly Membership - Shooting Center


Premier Shooting and Training Center offers Monthly Memberships to our Single and Family* members. This option allows members to pay monthly dues.

  • Single Membership: $49.00 per month, with a twelve month contract
  • Family Membership*: $59.00 per month, with a twelve month contract
These memberships offer an array of amenities, including:
  • No range fees
  • Priority lane assignments by reservations
  • Discounts on group classes in marital arts
  • Retail Discounts of up to 15% depending on item (excludes new firearms sales)
  • Five guest passes per year (no holdover passes)
  • Free embroidered logo hat*
*Family membership is defined as two adult co-habitants in the same household, and their dependent children under the age of 18. Family Memberships will receive two free embroidered logo hats. ONLY TWO PERSONS PER LANE, ONE MUST BE AN ADULT.


Contact us today by phone, email, or drop by our facility! Find out what Premier Shooting & Training Center has to offer you today! We’re conveniently located in West Chester, OH, only 5 minutes off I-275’s 747-N exit!

Premier Shooting & Training Center
4845 Premier Way
West Chester, OH 45069

Monday through Saturday 10am – 9pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm